How to assist your team while working from home using Microsoft Teams

Share your screen

To efficiently share and coordinate information and tasks, it is recommended that you take advantage of the Screen Share and Remote Control features of Microsoft Teams.

  1. Click the New Chat button to create a chat with the users you want to share your screen with.

    (NOTE: If you are already in a chat with the users you want to share your screen with, proceed to STEP 3)

  2. Enter the name of the user(s) you would like to share your screen with and click on their name
  3. Click the Share Screen button in the top right of your Microsoft Teams chat.

  4. Select the Application or Monitor (Screen) you would like to share.


  • Selecting Screen 1 shares everything displayed in monitor 1.
  • Selecting an application (E.g. Chrome) will only share the content of the selected application.

Give or request control

Upon sharing your screen, another option that facilitates collaboration is the ability to grant a member of the chat control over your device using the Request Control feature:

  1. To give someone control over your Device, choose Give Control at the top of the screen, and select the member of the chat you want to grant control to.

  2. To request control over someone else’s device, click the Request Control button at the bottom of the window.

    To accept the control request, select Allow when the request pops up:

Once the Remote Control has begun, each user that has control will have a cursor with their profile picture next to it.

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