Is a Multiple-Monitor Setup Right for You?

Computer Multi-Monitor Setup - 4 monitors

Do you find yourself constantly switching between applications like Outlook, Excel, or an Internet Browser? Eliminate this inconvenience and enhance your overall productivity with a multiple-monitor workstation! TCSP has installed multiple-monitor setups for medical practices, insurance brokers, and CPA firms across Fairfield County.

Multiple-monitor workstations streamline business operations that require more than one program/application at a time. They enable workers to use multiple programs simultaneously, eliminating the need to repeatedly transition between them. This feature also makes comparing data between two or more sources much easier and saves paper by eliminating the need to consult printed material alongside an on-screen display.

Medical Practices

Multiple-monitor setups prove incredibly beneficial to medical practices, as they allow workers to compare insurance and client information on two separate screens. This both saves time and reduces the chance of an input error due to constantly switching windows. Switching to a multiple-monitor workstation enables healthcare professionals to:

  • Quickly compare insurance claims against PM software
  • Log patient data while reading relevant summaries
  • View explanation-of-benefits forms on one screen while posting payments on another

Insurance Brokers

Multiple-monitor setups are also ideal for insurance firms, allowing employees to easily analyze and transfer data between their company management system and a carrier’s website when necessary. Given how crucial precise data comparison is in this industry, multiple-monitor setups serve a valuable purpose by reducing the odds of a costly error. Upgrade your insurance firm to a multiple-monitor setup now in order to:

  • Constantly consult your rating system
  • Utilize client-facing chat options
  • Seamlessly alternate between a carrier website and your rating system

4 Monitor Computer Setup for Insurance Broker

Certified Public Accountants

Working as a Certified Public Accountant requires not only exact data comparison between multiple sources, but immediate email alerts and responses to new developments. Multiple-Monitor setups help accomplish these goals by ensuring your desktop stays organized in a fast-paced work environment, while allowing CPAs to:

  • Asses client-provided tax return PDFs against UltraTax
  • Drag and drop files between systems without minimizing windows
  • Display important information from your company accounting system via a “digital dashboard”

4 Monitor Computer Setup for CPA

I used TCSP to install a four monitor and stand up-desk configuration for my tax and accounting practice. In our constantly evolving paperless environment, this four-monitor configuration improves my efficiency by allowing me to have all of the necessary windows associated with a single engagement open at the same time. I highly recommend Jorge and his team at TCSP!

Frank I Certified Public Accountant

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I maintain a clean work space with so many extra cables?

TCSP configures each setup to fit your workstation’s specific dimensions and takes special care to ensure that cables are properly bundled and easy to distinguish.

I have only ever used a single-monitor set up. Will these new arrangements be difficult to adjust to?

Like all changes, a multiple-monitor setup may take some getting used to. But once you notice what a streamlined and efficient experience multiple monitors can provide, you will quickly wonder how you ever managed with just one.

How many monitors do I need?

The answer to this question will vary depending on how many programs, applications, and websites you switch between on an average workday. However, many this may be, being able to allocate each to its own individual screen enhances productivity and organization by eliminating the need to constantly switch windows.

What is the new standard size for monitors?

Business Offices will typically use 22 to 24-inch monitors, however this can vary depending on the specific tasks and operations their computers are used for. Some clients will choose 2 or more equally sized monitors, while others require on larger screen to display an important database alongside smaller monitors that house programs or email.

Is switching between monitors awkward/inconvenient?

Our multiple monitor setups allow users to seamlessly move their cursor from one screen to the next without any delay or additional input. You can also drag-and drop across screens, making it easy to keep windows organized and transfer data between applications.

How long does multiple-monitor installation usually take?

Though installment time will vary across differently sized and structured businesses, a small office-wide multi-monitor upgrade will not take more than a few hours on average. Furthermore, our technicians always take steps to ensure minimal disruption, meaning you will not need to suspend normal business operations during the process.

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