Computer Networking

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Network Design and Support - Dell SonicWall TZ Gen7

Network Design and Support

Network access is an essential part of any office setup. Applications, Internet services and local databases all rely on a strong and secure network. TCSP offers network design, implementation, management, and the support you need to keep it working.

Network Design

Network design helps your entire organization understand how all of your devices interact with each other and how crucial services are delivered to each node within your network.

Network Design - Network Diagram

The design aspect is a necessary first step in the support process. A good understanding of your network design eliminates loss of productivity for your tech support teams and vendors. This easy-to-read document maps out where every device is located, product details and  how it receives network access. Creating and reviewing a diagram also helps to reveal and crucial security vulnerabilities or highlight areas for improvement.

TCSP designs and implements a network structure that fits the way you run your business. Your daily processes will help in determining where devices and connections are placed or moved to (for existing environments only in need of a refresh).

Overall, having a good networking system in place will give you visibility into your network environment and keeps you informed of how data flows from one end of your network to the other.

Network Implementation

Following the design and plan, the new infrastructure is installed, and configured.
Network Implementation - Server Rack
Businesses with networks more than 5 years old may benefit from an office refresh, to improve the technology infrastructure, and do not necessarily need a new network setup.

To help you decide if your office needs refreshing, use the 5 following factors:

  1. You have internet outages but cannot figure out why
  2. Fluctuating speeds at random intervals
  3. Unexplained data loss or corruption
  4. Connection issues to your existing server or file share
  5. Signal interference and general safety hazards

If you would prefer to have a complimentary evaluation by an experienced technician, contact us. To lessen the cost of getting an entire office refresh, check the life cycle of your hardware. By gradually improving your network, you can span out the costs over a period of time.

Use our services for your equipment, installations, and cabling terminations. We will install new Ethernet lines, faster switches and better equipment quickly and effectively.

Network Management

Network Management - Server Rack Network management consists of regular monitoring and networking to improve and increase the longevity of your equipment. Management of your network infrastructure includes creation and maintenance of your domain services, network shares, user profiles, credentials and much more. Effectively scaling your software environment to meet the demands of your business is an ongoing process that requires expertise, patience and proficiency.

Network Support

The most important aspect of computer networking is also the simplest: support. There is no perfectly automated networking solution for a business regardless of its size. Network Support - Computer Network and VPN For ongoing server up-time and network connections you will want someone with experience, knowledge and communication skills to help your users through those issues that halt their work, lose access to their files or keeping them from Internet services.

With advanced monitoring and reporting tools TCSP can provide ongoing support without interference in your daily work. We will receive alerts to critical issues as they happen with fast response times and remote support. You can report issues to us right from your computer and stay up-to-date with emails delivered conveniently to your inbox.

From small business servers to enterprise cloud solutions, we have dedicated technicians on call for remote, on-site and after-hours support.

Contact us and speak to our networking specialists today for a free network evaluation and site survey!*


* Site survey where applicable. Local area only.