Server Virtualization by TCSP

In many cases, IT infrastructure goes underutilized. Other times, there is so much demand for resources that a single physical server cannot handle the workload alone. Virtualization steps in for both of these situations to make sure that the business continues running as efficiently as possible. Often how the systems are implemented are based upon the scale of the business and the services that need to be supported.

Small and Medium Business Server Virtualization

For the average Small and Medium business, server hardware is underutilized. If a company is purchasing an extra piece of hardware for a single purpose, they not only have the wasted resources from the original server, the new hardware is often underutilized as well.

The best solution to this issue is using virtualization to run both of these roles on the same physical hardware, in separate server instances. This ends up reducing hardware and energy costs for the company.

Large Business and Enterprise Server Virtualization

Once businesses become a certain size, the main focus shifts to availability and scalability. By setting up several virtualization hosts, resources can be pooled for a much more powerful an efficient way of processing large workloads. Multiple servers can also be configured to be copies of each other, ensuring that if a single server goes offline, the other will pick up the workload, keeping your workforce working.

For these businesses, ensuring that these nodes stay online and accessible to internal and external customers is paramount to their business. Because BDR solutions can also be virtualized, systems can be restored to full functionality in a matter of minutes, ensuring the highest availability of your services – even in a disaster.

Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization - Microsoft Hyper-VVirtualization can help support workloads across a variety of devices and platforms to ensure that your staff has continuous access to business systems and applications. Application Virtualization also keeps technical support system by only needing to support one installation and master instance – rather than every machine. This ensures that updates and fixes are applied universally, instantly to everyone in your business.

Choosing the Proper Hardware and Software for your Virtual Infrastructure

Making sure you have the proper hardware and software to run your infrastructure is a huge part of planning a virtual deployment. Being able to scale and migrate your services quickly is not a reason to overlook and plan for expansion. Knowing your needs and expected growth is important to planning and implementing a successful virtual deployment. There are a few things that every business should consider when looking to virtualize:

  • How many servers are you looking to virtualize?
  • How much data do you need to store today? How much in a year? How much in 5 years?
  • How important are High Availability Services? (i.e. Load Balancing, Automatic Fail-over, Clustering, etc.)
  • How much bandwidth do you need for speedy access?
  • Do you have the proper licensing to virtualize?
  • How will you backup your virtual environment?

TCSP will help you with the purchasing, licensing, setup, and administration of Hyper-V and App-V deployments. Contact us with any questions or concerns.